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About Sundagger Elite

The Sundagger Elite is an organization formed by a former Retainer and former SI:7 Agent named Zalanar Dath'anar, by order of Magister Zaleck Flamesorrow. Zalanar had been put through a few years of surveillance after returning to the city and joining the Retainers, to make sure he had cut all connections to his life as a human-ally. Once he was confirmed as being loyal to, and only to, Silvermoon, he was bid form this organization. It is a Military themed guild with a Homeland-Security type to it. The Elites serve as a back up organization to each of the other Silvermoon Defense organizations, i.e. the Farstriders. They very rarely venture out of the forest, and when they do it is usually because of a force encroaching upon the city.

Zalanar is the Highlord of the group, but ranking asside form this continues as follows:
Directly below the Highlord Rank is that of the High Commander, Zalanar's second in command and theoretically his equal.
Under the High Commander, are the Elite. The Elite are each incharge of a lesser group of soldiers directly. For instance, the Librarian is incharge of the Elite's Mages, while the Ranger-Captain is in charge of our Hunters.
There is a lesser Officer rank entitled commander below that, which are people who have proven themselves worthy of a position of power, but either have an Elite already directly above them or are not yet considered ready for that rank themself.
Further down the line even yet are Mercenary Captains. The Sundaggers are not above paying outsiders to assist them in their ranks, they simply try to make it a rarity.  Mercenary Captains are said hired-guns who have shown a decent amount of loyalty to the cause and have helped time and time again, they are effectively directly in charge of any mercenary or associate assisting the Elite. ((Non-Belf Officer Rank))
Below this yet are simply the soldier ranks, positions titled depending on what kind of fighter you are. Whether mage or ranger, scout or warrior, your ranks will be titled differently but your position the same.
The final and lowest ranking among the Elite are our associates and mercenaries ((non-Elf member rank)). These are those who have accepted our payment in a job or two, and assist us however we deem fit, so long as it doesn't excede their contract.
((There is another OOC rank, <Not a member>, which is simply used for until IC interviews can be given and for alts who you do not wish to ICly be within the guild, but you want to not get guild-invite spam from others, or just easy communications with your guildies. ))

((We are a lore-abidant guild. If you have bad lore? You're welcome to join under the assumption that you will be here initially to learn from what we have to teach you. If you have bad lore but are unwilling to learn or take criticism? Please do not join the guild, because you will eventually (if not immediately) be removed. ))

((Thank you for reading, I hope we can interest you in joining and obtaining some interesting RP! ))

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